Introduction to Professional Home Staging

Learn to be a Professional Home Staging Stylist

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This module is a brief introduction to the concept of Home Staging and is aimed at anyone interested in the art of home staging, and anyone wishing to understand the basic principles of staging your house for sale.

You are also introduced to the Art of Professional Home Staging programme delivered by the Home Staging Academy.

If you are serious about establishing yourself in a professional home staging business, or you are already an interior designer or real estate agent wishing to augment your business offer to include home staging services, then this complete Professional Home Staging training programme is for you.

The subject courses that form the Art pf Professional Home Staging programme are modular, you can study them in any order and take as long as you like.

The full programme of course modules for the Art of Professional Home Staging include:

  • Become a Professional Home Staging Stylist - an Introduction to Professional Home Staging
  • Colour Planning
  • Space & Feng Shui Principles
  • Lighting
  • Decluttering
  • Accessorizing
  • Photography
  • Handling Client Consultations
  • Bonus Books
Intended Audience: This programme is for YOU if you are .... serious about establishing yourself in your own professional home staging business, an interior designer wanting to offer home staging, a professional looking for a career change, a real estate agent wishing to augment your services.

Course Curriculum

Hello and Welcome to the Home Staging Academy.
What is Professional Home Staging ?
First Impressions Really DO Sell Houses!
Recap Introduction to Home Staging - QUICK QUIZ
Introducing the Art of Professional Home Staging Training Programme

Jillian Hinds-Williams


Jillian Hinds-Williams is founder of the Home Staging Academy, British Academy of Home Stagers, Home Stagers Network, a business entrepreneur, property writer and editor.

Jillian has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Canada, and the UK, her background is with Blue Chip IT companies. She left the corporate world to establish a successful nationwide home staging franchise business in the UK, and developed an extensive training programme for home stagers, estate agents and property developers in how to present and market property successfully.

Jillian is an experienced writer, editor and trainer, a Fellow of the Institute of Technical Communicators specialising in online magazines, website content, digital marketing, and creating online training courses.

Jillian recently returned to her home county of Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom, after a few years with family in Essex County, Ontario, Canada.